Work > Evolution of the Paper Clip
Tracking the evolution of the Paper Clip through a series of graphic exercises for my RISD Form and Communication class.
Identity Design / Event Design / Digital

Timeline Publication

Made with Illustrator sketches, this small gazette shows the change in the form and structure of paper clips over time. With many innovations over a small period of time, the paper clip serves as the perfect subject to study development in form over time.



The next step in the process was to create an identifiable mark to represent the subject. For this I picked to Gem Clip, the most popular paper clip and used a balance of form and counterform to create this identity for the subject.

Typographic Experiments

Then we moved on to try and recreated the personality of our selected subjects through typography. We were encouraged to manipulate the type as much as possible without worrying about maintaining the integrity of the character set.

Photography of the 3D Model

Digital Sketches of the 3D Model

Attaching Ideas: The Final Book

The final stage of this semester long project was to create an accordion book that told the story of the subject you selected. This book was designed in a way that paper clips would be required to attach and read the pages of the book. The narrative was kept simple while the visuals were blocky figures illustrating the change in form.