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Typographic examples from coursework over the first year of RISD Graphic Design.
Identity Design / Event Design / Digital

Typographic Tiles

the purpose of this assignment was to capture the personality of the typeface by featuring the most significant parts in 3X3 grid.


Type Specimen Book

Selected pages out of a type specimen book for the typeface Akzidenz Grotesk. The book showed the applications of the typeface in all available weights and sizes.


Broadside Posters

Posters designed to advertise a typeface. With a full character set, these posters were meant to show the most attractive features of a selected typeface.

Making Words Move

This assignment was about manipulating the type in a way that it carried meaning in its visual presentation.

Book Covers

Covers designed for a book typeset in class. The cover had to be designed using type and had to communicate the appropriate feeling of the book.


Structure & Hierarchy

Typographic compositions showing relationships, structure and hierarchy all through varied applications of type.